The basic basement also has the basic bathroom company.. They should not be in this industry at all.

They want to try to gain as much business as they can and try to flip these renovations so quick they are horrible. There is no project management what so ever, you are left assuming when the guys will or will not show up. They inconvience you so many times and all they have working for them is people in training no true professionals.

You have to babysit them each step of the way. Please dont waste you money go with a company with more reliable history and solid work experience workers behind them.

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I had the same experience with them. After all the wasted money and time, we decided to finish up my bathroom project with Bathroom-Masters. They gave professional service for better price.

This is their website of anyone interested:


New Jersey, United States #934581

I am currently in the middle of a project with The Basic Basement Company and experiencing major problems with them similar to what the comments above.


seems odd. I just did 2 bathrooms with them and they were just fine. experienced workers and project manager visited 3 times.

to Joey Princeton, New Jersey, United States #731650

how much did your bathroom cost. They have a cost of $3499 but excluding the fixtures and what else can i expect to pay.

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