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Hopefully the title caught your eye as its not an exaggeration.

Basically, we were told to use vinyl flooring by the sales rep on our first contact with Basic Basement. Probably about 6 weeks at 10k later, the floor company comes and says there is no way vinyl would work on the floor. If we had known that, we would have never started the project. Needless to say I was pissed. I tried calling Basic Basement's Office no answer(it was a Saturday, so somewhat expected), called the Project Manager, no answer. I called the Project Manager again because I planned on leaving a message the first call, but the last thing he says is "No messages left on this phone will be returned?" I don't even know why this is an acceptable practice. I'm not saying I need to be called back immediately, but to say you'll just ignore the message is ridiculous. This "Project Manager" was completely absent for the entire duration of my remodeling. He actually picked up the 2nd time and I will say that I was not exactly nice to him, but he was very quick to blame me for the floor saying "We don't do floors, just level it out", then it turned into him saying "I will come to your house to see how much of a Mr. tough guy motherf'er(he used the full word") you are" several time. Now I have a wife a small child to think about so I quickly defused the situation, but the damage was done. All I really needed to hear from the guy was a "Sorry this happened, our reps aren't supposed to make floor recommendations, I'll look into it". Is that so hard? Basic customer service if you ask me. I can't be the first or last person to call him angry and if this is how he handle's the situation, he shouldn't have this job.

When I asked that he be taken off my project BB refused(didn't really matter since he never came on site anyway). When I complained about it, I was able to speak to the co-owner of the company. He basically couldn't have cared less that this happened and didn't really want to "hurt his margins" on my project. It was obvious he wasn't going to give me anything and it was basically a he said she said situation, so not much I could really do, but needless to say I would not recommend using this company. They have zero accountability or customer service skills. Gail is the only person there that seems to be able to do anything and thank god for her otherwise I fear my project would still be going on.

Bottom line is stay away from this company unless you like false advertisement, getting screamed at as a paying customer and lack of any sort of foresight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Chalfont, Pennsylvania, United States #1294777

Thanks for the review, i'm in the market for a basement remodel, and I now will be avoiding them.

Princeton, New Jersey, United States #1197201

Just got a load of expletives from these people

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