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I used the basic basement company and wound up with more than a basic headache! The person that sold me the job Todd, sold me a big bag of disappointment. To start, I was told they used a management program and that I would have a project specialist working with me at all times. Both the program and project specialist were unmanageable. The promise they make in their marketing in regards to getting it done in 5 weeks, well that came and went and I don't think it was half way done at that time. I regret not getting that in writing, because it was well over 5 weeks!

Then to top it off, my anger overflowed when their workers became careless around my property. I had cigarette butts everywhere, I complained and nothing changed. They had covered my house with sheetrock dust and certainly expected me to clean it up as they didn't even pay attention to it. The garbage from their materials stayed on my property throughout the entire job, and was not kept organized at all.

Then finally my husband and I opened our mouths when we realized the electrical package we had purchased did not provide enough lighting to cover my basement adequately. Their marketing of done for 9999 should read whats done for 9999. Shame on this company for trying to fool the public, our basement was finally done and well below average in quality. I do not recommend this company to anyone, and I feel its important to inform anyone thinking of using them!

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Vineland, New Jersey, United States #579964

Wow, way to bad mouth almost every other contractor in your ad and proclaim yourself the savior of contracting.You might want to concentrate on "your" work since you never hear two sides of the complaint. And correct me if I'm wrong that is why NJ has "Consumer affairs" to handle disputes and unfair practices of contractors.Not condoning those company's but ,regardless it's not your or my position to slander everyone else for YOUR profit.Thats a classic "RED FLAG" but you left that off your checklist....lol.VERY UN-PROFESSIONAL !!

to LICENSED ***TRACTOR Vineland, New Jersey, United States #606437

:( sad face


Jersey girl. you should go to google and write a review of them there. More effective.

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